Contemporary aperitivo

Luca Cinalli is a Freelance Expert in a Hospitality business. 

With 23 years working in the sector, Luca Cinalli matured exceptional skills as a Bartender,  Waiter and Chef, achieving worldwide recognition as Master Trainer & Bar Consultant. 

Following his international experience in Italy, France and the UK working in Michelin starred  restaurants, he settle down in London, where he played a key role in shaping the Bar Industry.

Head Bartender of Nightjar and Bar Manager of Oriole, he also worked in Tiki bars and classic  cocktail bars, where strategies, personalization & customizing where at the core of his success.

Luca Cinalli is now a Freelance Expert in the Hospitality business, consulting with his team at  Global level

Ultimately the word “aperitivo” has become so easy to use, but only few cultures might really know the real meaning, thought, every country in the world as their aperitivo – aperitif time. Luca will show the craft of it, from glassware designed to recipes and combine ideas for a profitable – efficient – customer friendly approach.