Barra México is the leading spirits event in Latin America.

Have fun and learn about new drinks.

In its eighth edition, this year 2023, Barra México will be held from May 4 to 7.

  • What is Barra México?

Barra México is a meeting point for people who love and create fine drinks.

7 years of Barra México.

⨁ 150 / International seminars.

⨁ 15,000 / Attendees from more than 41 countries.

⨁ 500 / Brands have presented.

Barra México is the first Climate Positive (Carbon Negative) event in the industry worldwide.

  • What is the event?

Barra México 2023 from May 4 to 7 consists of:

Villa Barra México on May 6 and 7

An event that will host more than 40 seminars and tastings on international trends and unique spirits, 100 spirits, beers, and wines brands and excellent cocktails from top national and international bartenders.

  • Cocktail Festival 4, 5, 6, 7 / May

In addition to the Villa Barra México, there will be a Cocktail Week, which consists of activities and activations in bars, restaurants and different places. There will be workshops, tastings, cocktail classes, spirited brunches, pairing dinners, live music, cocktail nights, appetizers, among many other activities.